Monday, July 24, 2006

What I now think my strengths and weakness are as English teachers

In this ETM3 class,I learned many things about teaching method. Through the clas,I could know about my strengths and weakness as English teachers.I'm writing about my strengths and weakness.

I learned the way of teaching English at junior high school.For example,teacher should show students the clear goal of the class.Besides,the goal need to be difficult for students but it has to be barely able to achieve for students,etc.

I have never taught students Englishyet.So I'm anxious about whether my class goes well or goes wrong if I teach English.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thinking about groupwork

When I was ajunior high school student,our English teacher gave us groupwork.He adopted groupwork.But they didn't do well because the teaching material was too difficult for students.
The aim of group work is to give every student some opptunities for practicing English,I think.Besides,it is difficult for teacher to watch all groups.So teacher should give simple material to students so that every student can understand.Simple activity is the key point to succeed in the groupwork.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Observation of Mr.M's English class at U junior high school

Friday ,July 7,I observed Mr.M's English class at U junior high scool.Befor the class,he said "It's important to give enjoyable English activities to students as much time as possible because students tend to be bored ."
In his class,he practiced his notion.Concretelly,he adopted group work and paire work.
It seems that every student enjoyed those activities.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

To teacher trainee who want to know about teaching English in junior high scool students

Thursday June 22,Mr.M came to ETM3 and lectured on the way of teaching English in junior high school.He is a English teacher of junior high school.So he told us his experience of teachig English with a suspicion of humor.
I learned many things.Especially,I was impressed two things.So I would like you to give some important information based on Mr.M's lecture.
  1. Teacher should give students many activites for acquiring the ability of speaking, writing,reading,and listening within 50 minutes.So teacher should devise efficient,effective,attractive activities.
  2. Teacher should set goals.*Needless to say, goals should be clear and achievable for children.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

About the dictionary

The other day, I watched NHK news in English. Then I learned some interesting phrase"Sweet six-teen".I was very surprised at hearing the phrase!! because NHK run a telop "seisyun".Please look up a "seisyun" word in a Japanese-English dictionary. According to the dictionary, "seisyun" is translated youth, adolescence,spring and so on.But native American use "Sweet six-teen".
Of course, "seisyun" has several shade of meaning.But, I think the case suggest the dictionary doesn't give actual English that native speaker speak.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Observation of English class at Diamond junior high school

(1)What was the goal of class?
Students can acquire English skills as if they are native speaker.
(2)What activities did the students do to accomplish the goal?
They practiced key sentence,writing,rewriting,and speaking.
(3)What was the role of the teacher?
To show some tasks and the view of the class in introduction.
To support students.
(4)From waching the teacher and students,did you receive any hints or clues as to how to
have a successful English class?
I receive a clue. Teacher should devise questions;Questions should be more familiar
topic or something interesting for students.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reflection about my lesson

Our group taught new grammar "This is ~", "That is ~", "Is this ~",
"Is That ~". "Yes, it is.", "No, it is not."
We try to teach clear intenntion of teaching new grammar and how to attract students.
As a whole, we can taught their grammer a little well.
I planed to use any different material for teaching "Yes, it is.", "No,
it is not."(After all, we use a ball and Ganncyann).
Our most successful part is what we let students do the activities of
new grammar.
Our learst successfull part is 'Gesture'.
If we taught it again, we can teach more smoothly.